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Industrial Automation Product Range:

Relays, Power Relays, Relay Socket, Limit switches, Rocket Switches, Cam Switches, Micro-switches, Hour Meter , Timer, Ceramic Heater.

Consideration the need and easy to access by an electrical engineer, Matching provide high quality one stop service for engineers, purchasers and end customers.

In the industrial automation and control industry, power relay and relay socket is one of the most important components.  Of course, limit switch play a key role in production process control as well as flow control.  In some cases, micro-switch will also act as limit switch function.  It can also perform a level control and sensoring function.  Cam switch secure the main power on/off function, reliable cam switch protect engineer & worker’s life.  Moreover, rocker switch is doing similar job in smaller equipments and appliances.

Power Relay Relay Socket Cam Switches Micro-switches